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The Left-Handed Journal

Are you left-handed and feeling left out?  Well, we have something for you too!  Our left-handed journal!


Whether you are looking to replace the journal from your Journal Journey Travel Set or simply want a beautiful journal, we’ve got you covered. The Beautiful Intentions Journal is an A5, dotted-grid journal colored a beautiful blue. Outside of the dots, the pages are blank and ready to be filled with all your feelings, thoughts and meaningful moments.


The 120 gsm paper is perfect for whatever medium you choose to use - markers, paint pens, ink pens and more. The journal is thread-bound which enables it to open flat and the elastic closure band allows you to keep it closed and contained.


Because each Journal Journey is a personal one, there's freedom to move through The Journal in any way desired.  However, included with The Journal is The Journal Journey Process, an optional guide written by a mental health professional for those who might not know exactly where to start (or, in some cases, continue) their journaling practice. The Journal Journey Process is the perfect way to simultaneously explore feelings, get creative and find relief from emotional burdens.


* Please note that current images do not accurately reflect the left-handed journal's appearance.  Actual journal is binded on the right instead of the left.

The Left-Handed Journal

  • * Durable hardcover, faux leather

    * Approximately 5 ¾ inches by 8 ½

    * 180 dotted pages

    * 120 gsm paper

    * 2 ribbon page markers

    * Left-handed option available

"Journal writing is a voyage to the interior."

Christina Baldwin

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  • What are some of the benefits of having a journaling practice?
    We won’t go too deep into all the ways journaling can transform you, change the trajectory of your life and help you heal, but in a nutshell, if done regularly (doesn’t even have to be everyday), journaling, just like any other thing you do habitually, has the power to restructure the brain by altering neural pathways. It promotes neuroplasticity and changes the way you breathe thereby altering the way you experience life.
  • Should I do anything else besides journal to heal from the effects of stress & trauma?
    That's completely up to you. Journaling, all by itself, can lead to transformation. However, it can be done in conjunction with other healing modalities like psychotherapy, yoga, acupuncture, massage, tai chi, walks in nature, etc. to help you further reduce stress and/or recover from trauma. An even more comprehensive approach would not only include strategies for dealing with stress and trauma, but a plan that includes proper nutrition, adequate physical activity and restorative sleep.
  • I don't believe that I am creative. Is The Journal Travel Set right for me?
    Yes! Trust me, you are not alone in your belief. Most people associate creativity (use of imagination) with artistry (a creative skill). You do not need to be an artist to utilize The Journal Travel Set to heal. The Journal Travel Set was designed with every journaler in mind, whether they consider themselves creative or not.
  • I've never really loved to journal. Why would I try this?
    Because you love things that are not only beautiful but healing. Because you need a means of finding some relief from your emotional pain. Because you feel overwhelmed, unheard, maybe a little broken. Because you know, even if it's deep down, that you deserve to feel better and journaling has been scientifically proven to do just that.
  • What if I don't have enough time to journal?
    You don't need much. See if you can find just 5 minutes a day (to start) to devote to your emotional health and healing. If you're struggling to do that, it may be time to take a good look at your life and make a decision to release something that's occupying your time but failing to elevate and uplift you (The Journal Journey can help you do this). Additionally, thanks to the convenience that is The Journal Journey Travel Set, not only can you journal wherever you are, but you can journal whenever you feel like it. Journal when you are moved, favorably or unfavorably. Journal before or after therapy. Journal before what you anticipate will be a difficult interaction, journal after it. Journal after a pleasant interaction. Journal when you’re feeling anxious. Journal when you’re feeling grateful. Journal as you listen to a motivating message. Journal on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and/or Sundays. Journal first thing in the morning, every other day. Journal daily. It is absolutely your choice.
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