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Helping you alleviate emotional discomfort and heal from trauma,
stress, and overwhelm through an integrative, holistic approach

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hey there

i'm shauna

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor and the creator of Beautiful Intentions which I developed based on my belief that, while what happens in the world can’t always be changed, the amount of suffering experienced as a result can be reduced.  

why I do what I do 

Bringing healing to people who have suffered some of the illest effects of trauma and chronic stress is one of my greatest passions. 

I operate under the philosophy that nutrition, movement, sleep, and relationships with self & others are all key modifiable targets for the improvement of one’s emotional and mental health. with beautiful intentions, it is my goal to help as many as possible begin (or continue) your healing journey through an increased understanding of what you need as well as the implementation of healthier habits.

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beautiful intentions 

how it started

Beautiful Intentions was born out of a truly beautiful intention to create more spaces and opportunities for my people to heal in every way they possibly can and relieve themselves of some of the burden and weight they carry in the form of chronic stress and trauma.

what we're about

Beautiful Intentions is dedicated to helping you learn exactly what it is that you need to regularly practice habits that aid in your  healing journey. It's all about discovering who you really are, in every possible way, and learning to make choices that honor your uniqueness and individuality.

our approach

our approach is an integrative, holistic one that is aimed at helping you improve your emotional and mental health as well as your overall well-being by learning how to eat well, move your body, get good sleep and form deeper connections (with yourself & others).

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“The most powerful healing arises
from the simple intention to love the
life within you with as much tenderness
and presence as possible.”

 Tara Brach

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beautiful intentions presents

the journal journey

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the practice of journaling is, without a doubt, one of the best ways to connect deeper with who you truly are. since childhood, My journal has been one of the safest places to go to pour out and to let go of difficult feelings. I never have to worry about my journal judging me. It always makes me feel safe. It has been the perfect place to discover who I really am. I can be as creative as I want to be. I can take chances. I can hold on, I can let go and so much more. I always walk away from my time with my journal feeling motivated, refreshed and renewed. Playing witness to the healing effects journaling has had on me, as well as so many others, was my inspiration for creating the journal journey. I wanted to bring that same rejuvenation and healing to anyone who has been searching for it.

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